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Waitingin that still space,between the rising and waning,waxing and setting.Waitinguntil the heartbeat of the earthreaches up into her corewith its raucous, teeming, wild, ragged beauty;its roots crackingthe hard stonejust enoughfor her to begin softening intowhat wants to be bornin us,through us,and for us.Again.

The Edge of the Moon

The Edge of the Moon The endless music calls from the dark green depths Softening the edges and absorbing the burning brightness from the day. The incessant voice of the wind tickling, nudging, pulling, generating the desire to dive in the ancient waves to… Continue Reading “The Edge of the Moon”

Dragon Fire

Dragon fire licking the edges of the night, igniting in me Ancient Wisdom. Illuminating radiance prancing between trees, stars and my heart. Sacred matter and sacred spirit forged by the light of the moon.