Flower Essences

These Hand Crafted Flower Essences are made from flowers in my own yard that I have lived with and listened to for years. It is so much fun to share them with you! Please CLICK HERE to read MUCH MORE about what flower essences ARE, and how they can help you!

For ME, the making of these essences and sitting with them brought me so much joy that I want to share with you the wisdom they shared with me. I can share these essences with anyone who is interested, but they are not for sale on my Etsy site at this time.

“Feeling a helpful shift immediately with “Zinnia” flower essence. For me, these have been more effective than Back Flower Remedies. Very happy customer! I highly recommend!” – Alexa Peck

“I was able to sleep better last night, so I think this flower essence is leading me in the right direction. You have a real gift for creating these magical elixers!” – Stacey Angel

I suggest that you scroll through all the flowers below and see which one you are VISUALLY drawn to before reading what the flowers have to say. Listen to your intuition as to who is calling you!

Clethra or Summersweet

Clethra alnifolia

Clethra says:  I am calling you to let your body sway with what you desire.  Open to receive it with your whole body, feeling deeply into your soft animal belly.  Let my ancient sweet scent intoxicate you with desire for your sacred connection. 

Excellent for:  someone who has set their own desires aside, either to help others or out of fear. 


Chamaemelum nobile

Chamomile says:  I relax the gateways to help you open, oh so gently and slowly, the doors you have closed.  I am small but steadfast in my love and belief in you.  I ease your connections and pathways on your journey to wholeheartedness.

Excellent for: someone who needs to slow down and find more ease in their life.


Echinacea purpurea, also known as Purple Cone Flower

Echinacea says:    I hear your heart and know it’s truth.  I see your deep connection to all that you love. Hold fast to what you know by sinking your feet deep in the earth and letting Her love flow up through you – giving you strength you didn’t know you had. 

Excellent for: someone who waffles between fear and Love – doubt and knowing. For someone who is not trusting their heart and who struggles with maintaining a strong sense of Self.  

FRENCH ROSE – Rosa Gallica

French Rose explains:    I am your wild sister – thorny & free, wide open to the light and setting new wider boundaries around me.  It is time to quit hiding behind my old thorns and welcome in all that you feel.   My scent draws you into the deep sumptuousness of your womb.   Welcome home.

Excellent for: someone who needs to release old patterns and has stifled their heart for too long.


Gladiolus grandiflora

Gladiola says:  I am here to remind you of the wonder that is your inheritance.  Your ancestors take deep joy in you and cheer you on to take deep joy and wonder in your own life and in your community.  Open your throat – stand on the shoulders of your ancestors and sing the praises of the world to all who will hear.

Excellent for:  someone who worries about approval and has lost their delight in life.  For someone who lets convention limit their vitality.

Hydrangea Limelight

Hydrangea paniculate

Hydrangea says:  I bring abundance and showy exuberant joy – illuminating the way for you to use your voice to share joy with others and pull them into joy with you.  Draw from your deep roots, bust through boundaries and share your joy with the world. 

Excellent for:  someone who holds back from sharing their heart and wisdom and light.  For someone who is not sure of how strong and beautiful their light is. 


Stachys byzantia

Lamb’s Ear says:  I am here for you to touch.  My softness will make you feel safe and comforted.  I spread myself with ease to forgotten places – the cracks and edges.  I bring softness, gentleness and grace

Excellent for: someone who withholds their love and needs to forgive either themselves or others and let their love spread with softness and gentleness. 


Magnolia Grandiflora 

Magnolia says:  I am ancient, deeply fragrant, open hearted Love.  Feel my primordial unconditional Love being offered to you.  Let me be a safe place for you, as you learn to open your heart wider.  Trust your deep knowing that you are Divine.  Always come from Love instead of fear, and hold your boundaries with Love. 

Excellent for: someone who is learning to trust and open their heart, while having a strong back and remaining true to themselves.  For someone who needs support through stress or a crisis. 


Hibiscus moscheutos

Rose Mallow says:  I hold myself wide open to the world once again, seeing everything through the lens of Beauty and Love.   Holding that space open so big and wide that “reality” does not diminish my hope and promise.  Our birthright is to let our brave hearts take up more space around ourselves and shine out into the world. 

Excellent for:  someone who has let the world weigh them down.  For someone who wants to see the world again with the wide open eyes and heart of the child they once were, with all possibilities open to them. 

ROSE OF SHARON – Hibiscus syriacus

Rose of Sharon explains:    I sit in your Third Eye.  I bring clarity to your life and help you to know and trust, strengthen and restore, your intuition and your connection to your ancestors.  I see your life purpose- your destiny –  that sits outside of time.   

Excellent for: someone who needs clarity and vision in their life.  Someone who is struggling to follow their intuition or their Third Eye is blocked. 


Monardo, also known as Bee Balm. 

Wild Bergamot says:  I see the crown you were born with, sovereign and whole unto yourself, circled by your guardians and ancestors.  You are worthy and ready to wear that crown of whole heartedness today and always, attracting much abundance and Beauty into your life.  You are ready to take the space you need to share your gifts with the world.

Excellent for:  someone who worries what others think. For someone who struggles to know their own worth, and or, does not put their own needs first. 


Zinnia elegans

Zinnia says:  I am your guide to your Inner Child, helping you remember your open heart, your innocence, your joy, and how to PLAY.  To approach everything with wonder and delight.  I am exuberant and dance with the wind and the butterflies.  I renew myself over and over.

Excellent for:  someone who is too serious, or has forgotten the wonder and delight they had as a child.   For someone who lacks humor or is a workaholic. And for someone who limits their joy. 

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