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The Song of the Mountains

On a one-mile hike out to Lindy Point in Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia in late July I was suddenly surrounded by an explosion of pink tinted white blossoms.  This was completely unexpected, as they normally bloom in late June and early… Continue Reading “The Song of the Mountains”

Wandering into Wonder

In my experience, wonder is so intricately tied to the magic of miracles.   A dictionary definition of wonder is: “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable”.  Isn’t this also the essence of a miracle?  Of magic?… Continue Reading “Wandering into Wonder”


What is it about that white fluffy puffy sticky pillow of sweetness that we call a marshmallow?  I have lots of childhood memories, squishing marshmallows between my fingers, seeing how many I could stuff in my mouth, making smores around a campfire at girl… Continue Reading “Marshmallow”

The Great Mother Oak

When we were kids, we would play several car games on the way to Myrtle Beach each summer.  A favorite was who could be the first to spy the big old trees with the Spanish moss.  I fell in love with the live oak… Continue Reading “The Great Mother Oak”

The Ribbon

Have you ever wanted to go on a pilgrimage?  Following in other pilgrims’ and ancestors’ footsteps sounds so romantic, noble, sacred, ancient even; with the idea that at the end you will be changed or have learned something or have deepened your devotion.  My… Continue Reading “The Ribbon”

Wild Salt

I am standing in the dense fog, at the edge of the ocean, as the wind is blowing the wetness into every part of me, seeping into my skin, clothing, hair.  The edges between the ground, the sea, and the air are blurred. As… Continue Reading “Wild Salt”

The Sword

In the Victorian era of the language of flowers, the black or burgundy color Dahlia flower symbolizes betrayal. Black Dahlia’s symbolism is extremely strong and has been present for centuries. It is not every day that you come across a picture of your great-great… Continue Reading “The Sword”

The Scourge of “Normal”

Another chemical explosion in our valley greeted me the morning of December 9th, 2020.   Another wake-up call.   In the past I have been lulled into thinking we no longer have pollution issues in our valley, that the chemical plants have been cleaned up, that… Continue Reading “The Scourge of “Normal””

Nature’s Weavers

I think my earliest memory of huge jungle woven vines is from a Tarzan movie. Traditionally spiderwebs are more closely associated with weaving, but for me it is the wild vines in the woods that wind their way around trees and each other, and… Continue Reading “Nature’s Weavers”

Weaving the World

Have you ever woven potholders on those little square metal looms with the stretchy colorful loops?  When I decided I needed potholders a few years ago I ordered a kit to make them with my granddaughter, which was fun, but I’m the one who… Continue Reading “Weaving the World”

The Dolls Are Talking

After a discussion on dolls in Perdita Finn’s Take Back the Magic class recently, I remembered a doll I have of my mothers.  A lovely Effanbee doll about 18” tall from the 1930’s that she got as a child and was very devoted to.  … Continue Reading “The Dolls Are Talking”

On Dragonfly Wings

Usually, magic drops in quite unexpectedly.  I had just finished spreading out a white row cover over a bed of kale in my garden, when a red-tailed dragonfly dropped onto the cover and just sat there, mesmerizing me with his radiant red tail and… Continue Reading “On Dragonfly Wings”

I Almost Stepped on a Turtle

It has been a long time since I have run across a turtle here in our backyard forest – an adorable ordinary box turtle of medium size, with those amazing patterns on her back.  She just looked at me, as if to say, “Slow… Continue Reading “I Almost Stepped on a Turtle”

Songs of our ancestors

Do you remember the first time you heard the ocean in a seashell?  When I was a young girl, I remember visiting my grandmother who had these large shells, that later I learned were whelks and conchs.  She told me she picked them up… Continue Reading “Songs of our ancestors”

Drinking Moonlight

A lush jasmine-like fragrance wafts onto the evening breeze as soon as her petals open, and I am transported to another world like Alice in Wonderland where the flowers talk with me.  Memories float through my mind’s eye: swaying in the tops of huge… Continue Reading “Drinking Moonlight”

One Bite at a Time

Fourteen days to feast day and night on your favorite food?  Party time!  Your only food, the food your mother lived her whole life to find for you, laying her seed right where you would find it when you were born so you would… Continue Reading “One Bite at a Time”

Just Be Still

Stillness and serenity.  A welcome balm, yet how often do we allow ourselves to fully relax into them?   Recently, I stumbled upon a wide still stream, having little idea of the depth of the treasure I would find there when I first found a… Continue Reading “Just Be Still”


August 15, 2020 Mary Kerns Have you ever had a day – I’m sure you have – where you realized the way you looked at a little part of your daily world has completely changed? Usually at first it is just a small noticing,… Continue Reading “IT STARTS HERE”