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Drinking Moonlight

A lush jasmine-like fragrance wafts onto the evening breeze as soon as her petals open, and I am transported to another world like Alice in Wonderland where the flowers talk with me.  Memories float through my mind’s eye: swaying in the tops of huge… Continue Reading “Drinking Moonlight”

One Bite at a Time

Fourteen days to feast day and night on your favorite food?  Party time!  Your only food, the food your mother lived her whole life to find for you, laying her seed right where you would find it when you were born so you would… Continue Reading “One Bite at a Time”

Just Be Still

Stillness and serenity.  A welcome balm, yet how often do we allow ourselves to fully relax into them?   Recently, I stumbled upon a wide still stream, having little idea of the depth of the treasure I would find there when I first found a… Continue Reading “Just Be Still”


August 15, 2020 Mary Kerns Have you ever had a day – I’m sure you have – where you realized the way you looked at a little part of your daily world has completely changed? Usually at first it is just a small noticing,… Continue Reading “IT STARTS HERE”