About Mary

Mary Porter Kerns

My journey in this sacred life has, like everyone’s, taken many twists and turns.  Once I started creating again about 6 years ago, I continually find new mediums to create with and different things to make.  From mixed media, to intuitive painting, to weaving, to herbs and flower essences, to drawing, cooking, gardening, sewing, just making anything by hand – it is all a continuous revelation.

I have started sharing what I have experienced with others in classes or sharing at women’s groups and holding earth loom events as part of other gatherings.  Follow me on FaceBook to learn about new class offerings.

A new medium finds me and I think, THIS IS IT!   This is what I am supposed to do for the rest of my life, but life continues to surprise me with a new passion, that layers into and on top of the old passions.   My favorite painting teacher Chris Zydel of Creative Juices Arts always says:  “Follow the Juice!”  meaning follow what brings you the most joy and makes you feel the most alive.   I have found this to be very sound advice. 

In my blogs I talk about how each passion came about and where it has taken me and what I am offering to the world from its wisdom. 

My mixed media work has been juried into Tamarack – The Best of WV– and is also available at Art Emporium in Charleston, WV and Art Space Gallery in Anna Maria Island, FL

Mary lives in Charleston WV with her loving husband Dan of 30 years, and loves spending time in both the WV forests and the ocean at Anna Maria Island, FL. She has 2 sons, Chris and David and owns an insurance business with her husband Dan.


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