Month: September 2021

The Glorious Wild Ones

The late summer wildflowers – wild being the key word – they tug at my soul.  They are not the carefully tended beauties in my garden, and they are not the vibrant, low-to-the-ground delights of the spring forest wildflowers that burst forth with the… Continue Reading “The Glorious Wild Ones”

The Sunflower’s Journey

The giant sunflowers are the matriarchs of my garden for sure.   And I daresay, they are an archetype of a flower’s journey for the entire flowering world because they are so very BIG.  Bigger than life, so strong and bold and prolific, bringing joy… Continue Reading “The Sunflower’s Journey”

The Song of the Mountains

On a one-mile hike out to Lindy Point in Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia in late July I was suddenly surrounded by an explosion of pink tinted white blossoms.  This was completely unexpected, as they normally bloom in late June and early… Continue Reading “The Song of the Mountains”