Month: March 2021


What is it about that white fluffy puffy sticky pillow of sweetness that we call a marshmallow?  I have lots of childhood memories, squishing marshmallows between my fingers, seeing how many I could stuff in my mouth, making smores around a campfire at girl… Continue Reading “Marshmallow”

The Great Mother Oak

When we were kids, we would play several car games on the way to Myrtle Beach each summer.  A favorite was who could be the first to spy the big old trees with the Spanish moss.  I fell in love with the live oak… Continue Reading “The Great Mother Oak”

The Ribbon

Have you ever wanted to go on a pilgrimage?  Following in other pilgrims’ and ancestors’ footsteps sounds so romantic, noble, sacred, ancient even; with the idea that at the end you will be changed or have learned something or have deepened your devotion.  My… Continue Reading “The Ribbon”

Wild Salt

I am standing in the dense fog, at the edge of the ocean, as the wind is blowing the wetness into every part of me, seeping into my skin, clothing, hair.  The edges between the ground, the sea, and the air are blurred. As… Continue Reading “Wild Salt”