Month: January 2021


When I was a young girl, we always went to my grandmother’s house for Christmas eve.  She had a lot of magical old-fashioned decorations and we would gather in the formal living room and drink eggnog made with real whipping cream and sing Christmas… Continue Reading “Waiting”

The Scourge of “Normal”

Another chemical explosion in our valley greeted me the morning of December 9th, 2020.   Another wake-up call.   In the past I have been lulled into thinking we no longer have pollution issues in our valley, that the chemical plants have been cleaned up, that… Continue Reading “The Scourge of “Normal””

Unconditional Love or Bust

I can’t carry a tune.  Or so I have been told, ever since my voice cracked in the Christmas Chorus performance at church when I was young.  And since I somehow volunteered to sing Jingle Bells in a zoom caroling party, I also started… Continue Reading “Unconditional Love or Bust”