Month: December 2020

Nature’s Weavers

I think my earliest memory of huge jungle woven vines is from a Tarzan movie. Traditionally spiderwebs are more closely associated with weaving, but for me it is the wild vines in the woods that wind their way around trees and each other, and… Continue Reading “Nature’s Weavers”

Weaving the World

Have you ever woven potholders on those little square metal looms with the stretchy colorful loops?  When I decided I needed potholders a few years ago I ordered a kit to make them with my granddaughter, which was fun, but I’m the one who… Continue Reading “Weaving the World”

The Taproot

We have had a flowering bush called Clethra for years that flowers with these rather unremarkable white flower spikes made up of lots of smaller flowers.   But the fragrance of these flowers completely undoes me.  I swoon.  I want to spend my afternoon right… Continue Reading “The Taproot”

The Dolls Are Talking

After a discussion on dolls in Perdita Finn’s Take Back the Magic class recently, I remembered a doll I have of my mothers.  A lovely Effanbee doll about 18” tall from the 1930’s that she got as a child and was very devoted to.  … Continue Reading “The Dolls Are Talking”